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Crude oil is the world's most important natural resources, is one of the commodity trading most frequently. In Spread ex Ltd can spot crude oil trading platform, that particular quality of crude oil as a transaction subject matter Spot contract is a CFD trading do not involve the product itself, only as security risk protection, the implementation of T + 0 trading system, you can buy up or buy down, no ups and downs board restrictions, a small degree of risk, settlement way spirit Live for cash. For investors, investing more than other types of transaction, revenue is also high. Currently Spread ex Ltd platform to provide customers of US crude oil on the market is widely traded (West Texas Intermediate crude oil) and cloth Brent crude oil, the investor only one account can be easily traded.

Why trade oil?

  • Spreads, low transaction costs
  • Two-way trade with hedging
  • No Change plate restrictions, the risk is small
  • Price fluctuations that affect supply and demand, prices easily grasp
  • Perform fast, no requotes
  • It can be set full stop and other pending instructions to control the position


And Spread ex Ltd of crude oil trading, customers can enjoy advanced trading tools, competitive spreads, and efficient execution speed, both bull and bear markets have profitable opportunities.

product name The minimum number of lots traded The maximum number of lots transaction Contract Size Pending distance Margin ratio transaction hour
USO/USD 0.01 10000 1,000 2.4 2% Monday morning 07: 00- Saturday morning 05:59
(Daily morning 06: 00-07: 00 closed)
UKO/USD 0.01 10000 1,000 2.4 2% Monday afternoon, 16: 00 am Saturday 04:59
(Daily morning 05: 00- 16:00 pm daily closed)

Note: * US daylight saving time, Beijing transactions corresponding 1 hour ahead
Spread ex Ltd remind you to consider raising the risk of leverage. A relatively small market movement will have a scaled, have a greater impact on the funds you have deposited or will have to deposit, this may work against you, it may be to your advantage. You may sustain a total loss of initial margin required to deposit additional funds to cover short positions.

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