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Spread ex Ltd

Institutional traders

Spread ex Ltd against the company, business class offers exceptional institutional traders Trading technology and automated trading systems. Our advanced trading tools can help customers adopt best trading strategies, transparent pricing model and spread reasonably effective for customers to achieve cost-effective, comprehensive reporting service allows Well aware of customer account activity, superb risk control management so that customers can respond quickly to market changes, while Spread ex Ltd also has five data centers for customers to maximize the quality of the implementation of low latency, and Smooth and seamless trading experience. More, with a Spread ex Ltd relationship with the world's top liquidity providers, institutional clients directly on the foreign exchange market received the offer, resulting in a variety of places including top liquidity silver Row, MTF and ECN trading platform Currenex and Hotspot mode is expected to obtain a quote.

Select Spread ex Ltd reason

  • Advanced trading technology
  • Rigorous risk management system
  • Comprehensive account Report
  • Best execution speed
  • Tight spreads, low cost
  • The depth of liquidity brought about Optimal Bidding
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