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About Trading

What is the foreign exchange and foreign exchange transactions?

Forex (Foreign Exchange) called Forex, is the world's largest financial market, daily trading volume up to $ 6 trillion. Uninterrupted by the sale of national currencies, the foreign exchange market is now the world's most liquid markets. Forex markets are fair, a 24-hours of continuous, two-way trading, leverage, high liquidity characteristics.


Forex trading is the simultaneous buying of one pair of currency pairs in one currency and selling another currency. Forex trading is a floating target tendency to judge from the price of the currency to make a profit. And other financial markets Different field, Forex market has no specific place, there is no central exchange, but trading through an electronic network of banks, corporations and individuals. Forex trading day began in New Zealand time, according to Asia, Europe and the Americas The difference began trading separately. Global foreign exchange market in the past few years, growing very rapidly, Spread ex Ltd is committed to providing a stable and reliable forex trading platform for major institutional clients and individual investors.

What is CFD?

CFD (full name: Contract for Difference), namely CFD is a financial derivative products, investors judged according to certain financial products prices, were more or buy short sale, in order to make a profit. CFD Trading is no fixed market place, customers directly with counterparties of OTC (OTC) transactions. Unlike spot trading, CFD At the end of trading transactions and no so-called barter traders not to get the kind of the ultimate purpose of the transaction.

What is leverage?

In financial transactions, leverage (leverage) simply to say that a multiplication sign (*). Using this tool, we can provide opportunities for small broad and enlarge investment knot traders As a result, regardless of the final result is a gain or loss, will increase at a fixed ratio, so before using this tool, investors must carefully analyze investment projects earnings estimates, there may be encountered wind risk.

How to calculate the margin?

Forex trading is a margin trading, according to user need to invest proportionately leveraged margin. Margin trading allows customers to take advantage of a small broad opportunity to earn substantial profits; but the margin is a double edged sword, it can make you reap times profits, may also lead to a multiple of the loss.

I can trade 24 hours it?

You can trade 24 hours a day on our platform, and the trading time of different e-products will be different.


has been used to calculate the margin of


US Dollars:


Used Margin = contract unit Price * * * Margin Percentage number of contracts traded at


Non-US Dollars:


Used Margin = the current market price of the contract unit * * * number of contracts margin rates * settlement currency to the US dollar




1. UKOUSD (UK Brent OIL)
When a certain day to sell 10 contracts UKOUSD, selling price of 55.100, a time period of a day when the market price
Used Margin = market BID price contract unit * * * number of contracts margin rates
= 53.100 * 1000 * 2% * 10
= $ 10620


. 2 SPXUSD (S & P 500)
A certain day when to buy 10 contracts SPXUSD, purchase price 1400.00, month and day and the market price of
Used Margin = market ASK price contract unit * * * number of contracts margin rates
= 1481.00 * 100 * 2.00% * 10
= $ 29620


3. 100GBP (UK100)
One day a month when buying a 100GBP 2 contract, the purchase price 5700.0, one day a month when the market price
5799.0/5801.0, the pound 1.58540.
Used Margin = the current market price of the contract unit * * * number of contracts margin rates * GBP/USD quote
= 5801.0 * 10 * 4.00% * 2 * 1.58540
= 58010 * 4.00% * 2 * 1.58540
= $ 7357.5


4. D30EUR (DAX30)
When a certain day sell D30EUR 5 contract, the selling price 6900.0, one day a month when the market price
6998.0/7002.0, the euro exchange rate 1.33547.
Used Margin = the current market price of the contract unit * * * number of contracts margin rates * EUR/USD quote
= 6998.0 * 10 * 4.00% * 5 * 1.33547
= 69980 * 4.00% * 5 * 1.33547
= $ 18691.2


* Has nothing to do with the security deposit and long positions or short positions

About Platform

How do I sign platform?

When a user can not log platform appears, please check the following methods in turn:


1. Check the network connection status: If the network has been disconnected, please reconnect the network, and then log back platform; if the network connection is working correctly, see if you can log in to other software, such as other software can not log in normally, restart the computer after try again. The network connection is normal, other software can also log on, check the other issues in accordance with the following steps.


2. Use a proxy server to log on.

Spread ex Ltd MT5 proxy server: in the lower right software selection Proxy01 or Proxy02.

Please see the specific setting methods


3. Check the anti-virus software and firewall settings. Please log in again after turning off the network firewall and anti-virus software to adjust the level.


4. After the uninstall reinstall the software. Go to "Control Panel", uninstall the existing Spread ex Ltd ICTS or Spread ex Ltd MT5 software, and Spread ex Ltd In the official website to download and re-install the software platform. It is noted that, after uninstalling the software, you need to confirm the file registry has also been completely removed. Clear registry method:

1) On the desktop, click "Start → Run" item.

2) In the subsequent window that appears in the "Open" box, type regedit and click "OK" to run the registry editor.

3) use ctrl + F to find "the name of the file you want to delete" the mouse will target Yi folder, delete the file.


5. Login web version of the platform into account.


Computer operating platform configuration needed to achieve what?

Spread ex Ltd All platforms are applicable to ordinary computer, your computer has 512M of memory, and above Celeron processor, you can run our platform. We strongly recommend that you use a broadband connection to ensure smooth your transaction.

Why quote me on the platform is not updated?

First check your network connection. If the network connection is not a problem, please send an email to
[email protected] or contact Spread ex Ltd online customer service.

About Customer Service

Spread ex Ltd customer service time

Spread ex Ltd The Chinese customer service to provide customers with 7 days a week, 24 hours a day of uninterrupted professional and efficient service.

What materials need to be prepared during customer service consulting?

In with Spread ex Ltd when contact customer service, you might be able to provide detailed account information, and you want to solve the problem. Be sure to provide your account username, account time, time is experiencing the problem, you are using a web browser, and the system prompts error information.