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Spread ex Ltd

Margin Policy

Spread ex Ltd with effect from 20 May 2013 to make further adjustments to its foreign exchange and precious metals trading platform for all product margin requirements. Spread ex Ltd 2013 the New Deal will be by way of a floating margin calculation, please be sure to carefully read all investors and have a clear understanding.

default lever adjustment
From May 20, 2013, all new and old users of the Spread ex Ltd platform, regardless of their equity, will have their default leverage adjusted to 1:400.

Note: This policy applies to all Spread ex Ltd new and existing users.

Margin Adjustment formula
And previously fixed deposit patterns are different, Spread ex Ltd will be held May 20, 2013, with a new floating margin calculation ---- traded market price of the product will be linked to the floating amount of the deposit, which investors in Spread ex Ltd foreign exchange or precious metals margin trading platforms are likely to follow its market price fluctuates.

Calculated as follows:
Margin = number of transactions (Lots) * Contract number (Contract Size) Hand * Price (Market Price)/default leverage (Leverage)
Note: The calculation of the variable margin Market Price at closing of trading products designated as molecular straight plate market price (Market Price).

For example, when account equity falls below USD50,000 trader (client A) in Spread ex Ltd platform to do more stalls 1.3050 Euro/dollar currency volume of a when mini hand, the customer order execution moment used margin is:
Margin = 1Lot * 10,000 (Contract size) * 1.3050 (Market Price)/200 (Leverage) = 65.25 (USD)

Should investors to do more above 1 mini lot position in the 99.80 dollar/yen, its immediate order execution used margin (fixed) to:
Margin = 1Lot * 10,000 (Contract size) * 1 (Market Price)/200 (Leverage) = 50.00 (USD)

Furthermore, when the trader Spread ex Ltd platform to 0.9460 short position 1 mini lot of USD/CHF currency pairs, due to its molecular (USD) direct market price for 1 disc , the user at the moment of order execution used margin amount (fixed) to:
Margin = 1Lot * 10,000 (Contract size) * 1 (Market Price)/200 (Leverage) = 50.00 (USD)

The following are some of the margin calculated on the foreign exchange and gold crosses products:

For example, Customer A in Spread ex Ltd platform stalls at 102.20 short 2 mini lots of AUD/JPY , but this time straight plate molecular AUD/USD is quoted at 1.0304, the client A in order execution moment used margin is:
Margin = 2Lots * 10,000 (Contract Size) * 1.0304 (Market Price)/200 (Leverage) = 103.04 (USD)
Note: it has used margin will follow the changes in the AUD/USD market price and constantly adjust.

Also, when the client A in Spread ex Ltd 5 mini-internet short hand stalls at 0.8520 euro/sterling , but this time straight plate molecular euro/dollar is quoted at 1.3048, then the user margin closing of the transaction is:
Margin = 5Lots * 10,000 (Contract Size) * 1.3048 (Market Price)/200 (Leverage) = 326.20 (USD)
Note: it has used margin will follow the euro/dollar market price changes and constantly adjust.

Finally, the margin of the New Deal also applies to all investors in Spread ex Ltd platform involving gold and silver trading. For example: Customer A short position at $ 1440.00 10 mini lots of Gold , when the turnover of the order, which has been used as a security deposit:
Margin = 10Lots * 10 (Contract Size) * 1440 (Market Price)/200 (Leverage) = 720.00 (USD)
Note: it has to follow the price of gold (XAU/USD) change constantly adjusting margin.

Spread ex Ltd The margin leverage and the New Deal aimed at effective control of all customers in Spread ex Ltd on foreign exchange platform, the investment risk precious metal products, and this margin is calculated CFD CFD remain unchanged. Spread ex Ltd again reminded investors need to fully understand this policy change regulations.