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Spread ex Ltd

Spread ex Ltd Meta Trader5

MT5 is the most popular retail customers trading software, but also foreign exchange collar Domain the most widely used online trading platform. Spread ex Ltd MT5 integration of the world's leading STP bridging technology, customer orders will be anonymously sent directly to the international foreign exchange market, and superior execution, and transparent trading environment, traders bring lasting stability extraordinary body Experience. In Spread ex Ltd MT5 platform, customers can stop for accurate setting and view news, transaction reporting, data analysis, and also enjoys a competitive point of difference and professional customer service, the trader's Fuji selected.

PC IOS Android

STP trading model

STP  (Straight through processing system) trading patterns, also known as direct market trading patterns, is directly connected to customer orders into the international banks, according to the price of the bank's transactions in real time. Compared to the traditional mode MM, STP brokers directly to the customer Households orders sent to international banks, which greatly increased the transparency and fairness of transactions, and to ensure the safety of funds.

Spread ex Ltd by the world's leading STP bridging the MT5 platform with seamless access to international banks, traders can enter directly without going through the market maker's foreign exchange market, and all orders will also automatically execute trades lightning , truly Spread ex Ltd fair trade, efficient implementation, financial security concept.

Online reports

  • Background Reports Operating system
  • Intuitive Interface
  • You can view all the transaction details
  • You can view real-time recording of commission
  • General parameters can be set

More performance advantages

  • Setting exclusive EA automated trading strategies
  • Accounts can be built micron (0.01 standard lot) trading
  • Account financial security, lasting and stable platform
  • iPhone, Android, IPad Edition, dynamic transactions
  • MAM trading solutions, enjoy light management
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