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Spread ex Ltd

Spot silver

Silver City, in addition to gold Another popular rare and precious metals, because of its scarcity and silver products increasingly warming lead to increased market demand for silver. Silver market compared to the gold market regulation Mold small, but still a great investment value items. With the same characteristics as gold trading, silver trading is carried out through the margin mechanism, and the formation of the shift in the US dollar currency pair. As a result of the global economic situation does not appear Uncertainty caused by shaken confidence in the dollar, the holders of silver is also a risk averse good investment strategy.

Spot silver trading Why?

  • Having a reserve store of value
  • Price volatility and more profit opportunities
  • You can avoid the risk of US dollar
  • Settlement at any time, easily realizable


Customers on the Spread ex Ltd platform can experience tight spreads with no repeat offer thanks to Spread ex Ltd floating spreads. Additionally, Spreadex Ltd. can offer flexible, fixed leverage up to 400:1 to enable traders to realize the maximum possible benefits.

Trading currency The minimum number of lots traded The maximum number of lots transaction Contract Size Pending distance Margin than the column
(Depending on the account balance and the net value of the case may be)
Trading hours (EST/EDT)
XAG/USD 0.01 10000 5,000 2.4 0.5% to 2% Monday 07:00 am - Saturday morning at 05:59
(Daily morning 06: 00-07: 00 closed)

Note: * US daylight saving time, Beijing transactions corresponding 1 hour ahead
Spread ex Ltd remind you to consider raising the risk of leverage. A relatively small market movement will have a scaled, have a greater impact on the funds you have deposited or will have to deposit, this may work against you, it may be to your advantage. You may sustain a total loss of initial margin required to deposit additional funds to cover short positions.

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